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This Week's Mail Bag: Michelle Malkin and Islamophobia; Alex Jones and Weather Weapons; and Ben Gets Trolled!!!

Welcome to this weeks edition of The Daily Banter mailbag!! Today, Bob, Ben and Chez discuss tolerance and Islamic terrorism in Europe, the rise of the Alex Jones weather weapons, and the merits of kickboxing.

Welcome to this weeks edition of The Daily Banter mailbag!! Today, Bob, Ben and Chez discuss tolerance and Islamic terrorism in Europe, the rise of the Alex Jones weather weapons, and the merits of kickboxing.

1. I hate to agree with somebody like Michelle Malkin but maybe what happened in London should be a wake up call for the liberal way of life in England and across Europe. Preaching tolerance is great but when you accept everyone's culture it stands to reason that some very bad cultures (and very bad people) are going to be able to flourish. Am I right?
-- Chris

Bob: No, you're wrong. There are Muslims -- regular people who simply want to practice their religion in peace -- and then there are radical Muslims and theocracies. We should be worried about the latter two, just as we should be worried about any radical religious group or theocracy. I think you're unfairly grouping all Muslims with the radicals, not unlike grouping all Christians with the zealots who bomb abortion clinics, subjugate women & minorities, and who persecute gay people. Then again, if you want to get into a holy war, be my guest and enlist.

Chez: Bob and I kind of got into this on the podcast a couple of days ago. I'm not going to bust out the English Defence League asshole card and I'm also not going to align myself with the idiots on the far-right in my own country, but there's nothing particularly wrong with at least examining the cultural impact that the spirit of inclusion has had in some areas of Europe. From what I've seen, the guy who attacked the UK soldier -- at least the guy who talked to the camera -- was actually born and raised in England. It's not like he was some outsider. But he did convert to Islam ten years ago. I don't even want to start hearing shit so I'll say right off the bat that of course most Muslims are fine people who wouldn't even think about cutting a guy's head off, but apparently the main suspect was tutored in Islam by a lunatic cleric who I think has since been expelled from Britain and I guess you can have the debate there about why that cleric was allowed to preach for as long as he did inside England. Look, you can't watch everybody and you can't consistently trample on the rights of millions of decent people in the name of trying to stop the few who are dangerous -- well, you can, but you really need to do some serious weighing of the cost-benefit. I think that people generally benefit from an inclusive society, but I also believe that cultural relativism is horseshit. Some cultures are just better, have adapted more to the march of progress and to civilization. Yeah, it sounds like a shitty thing to say, but it's also true. Persecuting women is bad. Honor killing is bad. Cutting off people's heads like it's not a big fucking deal and then calmly stating your political and religious reason for doing so is BAD. Is it entire cultures who behave this way or just individuals? I like to think it's just individuals, but honestly, who knows?

Ben: I grew up with lots of Muslim friends in London during the 80's and 90's when  Islamic terrorism was not an issue. Back then, Irish people were the nasty evil doers, supposedly incapable of human feeling and hell-bent on our destruction. The rise of Islamic terrorism can be linked DIRECTLY to the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. Before, Britain's Muslim community was pretty well integrated into British society. The problems arose after British troops invaded Muslim countries (for a timeline of terrorist attacks in Britain, you can check here). So I don't accept what you are saying at all. Radicalized Islam is definitely a very big problem, and it shouldn't be accepted, but we also have to recognize that the actions of our government is directly linked to its rise. The problem is not Islam itself, but a volatile political situation that is creating radicals who use Islam to further their agenda.

2. What are we going to do now that the U.S. government can make and steer tornadoes?
-- Curt

Ben: I'd pack my bags and move to a big city. Obama and the liberals in the White House hate small town America, so they'll be targeting rural areas and ignoring places like New York and San Francisco.

Bob: Chemtrails, Raytheon, the Illuminati, false-flags, the Trilateral Commission, juice boxes, carbon taxes and now weather weapons. I think it's time for 1776 to commence again!!!!

Chez: We're going to figure out how to get our own tornadoes and turn America into one big Xbox game of tornado vs. tornado all across the land. Awesome.

3. Ben, how would you feel if I wrote an article about how kickboxers suck?
-- TJ

Chez: As a great philosopher once said, droids don't pull people's arms out of their sockets when they lose -- wookiees are known to do that. In other words, I wouldn't piss off a mixed martial artist if I were you, TJ.

Ben: I'll kick your ass dude. Just kidding. The more I train in Martial Arts, the less I want anything to do with real fighting so you're safe with me. Kicking people's asses really fucking hurts, and I like being able to type/play the piano/open tomato sauce jars etc. I'm probably one of the least aggressive people you'll meet outside of Martial Arts, so bash kick boxing all you like. Just don't come down to my gym and say anything.

That was a joke by the way.

Bob: I don't know how Ben would feel but you would probably feel swollen and bloody from the subsequent pummeling.