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At Least 4,156 People Have Been Killed by Guns in the US Since the Newtown Shooting

ppl killed by guns in us since newtown

Graphical representation of the number of people killed by guns since the Sandy Hook shooting.

At least 4,156 people have been killed in the United States since the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut in December.  Slate and @gunviolence are tracking the numbers of deaths by guns since December 14, 2012 and have created an interactive site where you can filter their gun data by age, gender, city and date.  The image to the right is a screen shot from that page.  The real one is clickable.  Check it out here.

While the country changed that day for a number of people, much of Congress remains mired in the past.  With Republican senators like Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) clinging to the excuse that she just doesn't want a registry of gun owners and a House of Representatives unwilling to do anything that might make President Obama look good, it's hard to see real reforms becoming a reality.

I hope I am wrong about that.

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