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Mail Bag Time!! Benghazi-Gate, Who Do Conservatives Hate the Most, and Summer Movies!

Today, Bob, Ben and Chez discuss the potential dangers of the GOP Benghazi inquisition, the demographic groups that are most hated by conservatives, and their most anticipated summer movies.

Welcome to this weeks edition of The Daily Banter mailbag!! Today, Bob, Ben and Chez discuss the potential dangers of the GOP Benghazi inquisition, the demographic groups that are most hated by conservatives, and their most anticipated summer movies.

1. People are actually starting to pay attention to the Republican cries of Benghazi. Does this worry you as much as it worries me?
-- Clint

Chez: I can never tell whether people really care or whether the Beltway media just begin to take notice, which isn't to say that the latter can't influence the former. Those of us who follow politics closely can occasionally mistake volume for number because we're so close to the echo chamber. But either way it's a little disconcerting because the last fucking I want to see happen is -- once again -- the lunatic conspiracy theorists on the right beat their chests to the point where they force everyone to give in just to shut them the hell up. Sorry, but completely removing politics from it, there's no story in Benghazi. None. There may have been some mistakes made but considering the kind of incident we're talking about that's to be expected. There was no malice or cover-up going on from the White House though. Sorry, whack-jobs and sanctimonious ideologues.

Bob: It worries me in so far as it's intended as a distraction/cudgel to derail the Obama agenda, but I'm not worried about impeachment or anything along those lines. I tend to stop worrying as soon as I realize there's an opportunity for the Democrats to recapture a majority in the House, and that would end all of the congressional Benghazi hooting. As for the would-be Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign, the Republicans will have to come up with stronger arguments than their weak, ambiguous cries of cover-ups and malfeasance if they intend to undermine Hillary.

Ben: Yes - it always worries me when people start to buy in to ridiculously stupid things. Americans bought into the Bush Administration's argument for going to war in Iraq, so it shows there are serious consequences for prolonged political propaganda and media complicity. The Benghazi non issue could have some pretty bad consequences if the media decides to run with the nonsense Republicans are coming up with, so I think as much effort as possible should be put into debunking the ludicrous crap they are propagating.

2. Guys, here's something that just came up on my usual Facebook political argument page. Who do the conservatives hate more: Blacks, gays, or women?
-- Arthur

Ben: Hmmm. Genuine conservatives don't hate anyone - they just believe in limited government and personal responsibility. However, I assume you are referring to modern day Republicans, and if that's the case, I'd say blacks. Obama being in power is a serious affront to many Republicans, and their hostile behavior provides more than enough proof in my mind.

Bob: Whether they realize it or not, a considerable percentage of conservatives are highly resentful and angry about African Americans more than anyone else -- the roots of this anger run deep. And within that category, African American women have to endure two aspects of the Republican agenda: the war against women, and the ongoing demonization of minorities via the Southern Strategy and so forth.

Chez: I think that's an unfair question, actually. Not all conservatives feel the same way and they damn well don't hate entire groups AS a group. I think that the far-right is somewhat scared of all three only because their rise to equal status threatens the traditional right-wing hegemony. That said, if you're an ultra-conservative Christian, then for whatever reason the gays are more than likely an affront to God as far as you're concerned.

3. What movie are you most looking forward to this summer?
-- DC

Chez:Star Trek. Hands down.

Ben: I'm going to be totally honest here, I don't have a clue what's coming out this summer as I haven't paid much attention to movies over the past few months. I'm hoping my workload calms down a bit and I get to go to some good ones in the near future. Apologies for a crap response here - talk to me in the next few weeks and I should have something to say...

Bob: In this order: 1. Man of Steel 2. Star Trek: Into Darkness 3. Pacific Rim 4. World War Z 5. Grown-Ups 2. I'm lying about one of these.