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Just Remember that when Congress Doesn't Do its Job, You Pay for It.

Few things are more irritating than stupidity.  What makes this even more annoying is knowing you are paying for it.  Congressman Eric Cantor has scheduled a vote this week repealing "Obamacare."  His proposal's chances of passing the Senate and/or being signed into law by President Obama are pretty much the same. Talk about exercises in futility.

The House cut its operating budget in 2011 by five percent.  More info on that can be found here.   That amounts to nearly $33 million a year.  Legistorm has information on how much each office spends on salaries for members and staffers.  One sure thing cam be said of all the offices from the big spenders to the most frugal is the source of the funding.  Paying for Eric Cantor to drag te House through this flight of fancy/political posturing at its most absurd.  No one -- even Cantor himself, sees this as becoming law -- at least not with the current Senate and White House.

This is shameful and not our founding fathers had in mind when they crafted our constitution.

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