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What in the World Are Virginians Thinking?

This November, Virginia voters will pick a new governor.  Their options are former DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe and current state attorney generalKen Cuccinelli.  President Obama won the state in both 2008 and 2012 but it is a pretty conservative place, other than the fairy blue northern areas that border Washington, DC so it is not surprising that Cuccinelli is leading McAuliffe in the polls right now.  Moreover, the state tends elect governors who are not in the same political party as the president.

What does surprise me is how badly McAuliffe is doing with women.  According to the Washington Post, the two candidates are tied among female voters.  The only explantation that makes any sense at all to me is that people aren't paying attention yet.

Ken Cuccinelli's views on a number of issues can only be described as extreme.  We over use that word in politics but there are few times when it is more appropriate than now.  He was the main force behind the forced vaginal probes for women seeking an abortion.  As pro-choice as  I am, my credibility may be compromised but even then "pro-life" (is anyone actually anti-life?)  people I know thought Cuccinelli was wrong here.  And he is a serious contender for the governor of Virginia?  His views on  same sex marriage were to the right of the current Republican Governor Bob McDonnell -- who publicly said he supported the State AG but whose office issued a statement affirming his office would not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation.

My personal view of this is that people don't seem to like Terry McAuliffe, though I hope I am wrong about that.  Cuccinelli as governor is just a bad idea.

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