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The School Shooting on Glee that Wasn't

Last night's Glee episode portrayed a school shooting of sorts.  They are being criticized for doing this -- as the December Sandy Hook shooting is still fresh in everyone's mind but that critique misses the point entirely.  I wasn't upset because Glee showed a shooting, I was upset because they didn't.

Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert!

Becky, the student with Down's syndrome was scared of leaving McKinley High School and asks Brittany to stay there with her forever.  She brings a gun to school after receiving a pep talk about "being prepared."  The gun goes off and Sue Sylvester takes the blame for it and is let go.

Mass shootings have become so commonplace that the only thing shocking about Sandy Hook was the children's ages.  Aurora, Tuscon, Virginia Tech.  These are no longer just places but the sites of tragedy.  This is a serious subject.  Ryan Murphy, co-creator Glee tweeted about how powerful the episode was.  No, you took an easy road.  We should talk more about this issue.  But go big or go home.  What I saw was a watered down way to deal with the issue.  You had your cake and got to eat it, too.  All the drama and none of the substance.

I expect more from Murphy.  He also is a co-creator of American Horror Storywhich never shies away from being brutal to its characters.  Why not treat this with some real seriousness?

And on the topic, the Senate passed a motion to talk about gun measures.  Can anyone think of any other organization that crows so much about talking about doing something? If I -- or you, or anyone, spent as much as five minutes congratulating themselves for fixing a roof, for instance, but never actually fixed it, mental health authorities might be called.  Why, thank you, Senate, for doing your job, which is to debate and pass legislation (ps.  that wasn't the original idea, they were supposed to only take up House legislation).

So, while this is a powerful topic, the episode was less so.  I hate to think this but I am sure there will another mass shooting so this topic will be back on the front pages again before too long.  How sad is that?

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