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North Korean Soldiers Act Like Justin Bieber Fans During Kim Jong-un Visit

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The video above is a carefully staged propaganda piece designed to show the strength of the North Korean military, and the undying loyalty the soldiers have for their beloved leader, Kim Jong-un. At least that is what the North Koreans would like it to be. To the rest of the world, it's pretty ridiculous.

Knowing just how horrific the North Korean government is to its people, it is hard to imagine the comical reaction to Kim Jong-un's visit  to the island of Mu is genuine. The North Korean leadership inspires enormous amounts of fear throughout the country, particularly in its military. Then again, given the population is subjected to a strict diet of pro-government propaganda on a daily basis (much of which is based around the cult of leadership) it is possible the the troop's teenage girl like reaction to Dear Leader's celebrity appearance is entirely real.

Either way, the hysteria is fascinating to watch.