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Junk Mail: We Get a Response From Email Scammer

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Last week we received an email from a 'Mr Williams Cole' who asked us whether we would accomodate him and three friends for 10 nights in June. Unaware that The Daily Banter was gaining reputation as a Hotel in the DC area, we quickly responded (we like to have an intimate relationship with our readers) and offered him a very generous deal, albeit with a rather large deposit.

Here's what we wrote earlier this week:

We will of course extend to you the special discount given you contacted us through our website form. We usually get pesky comments on articles and requests to change usernames, so we’d be delighted to give you the maximum discount available!

The cost of the 4 apartments for 10 nights at Hotel The Daily Banter comes to $13.25 (a discount of $3,986.75). We do accept checks, but would require a cash deposit of $64,000 upon arrival.

Apparently unperturbed by the excessive deposit, Williams got back to us with an offer to 'proceed immediately' with the payment. Here's what he wrote:


Thanks for your reply and the confirmation that you can accommodate us in your accommodation
on the stated dates. We want to proceed immediately with the payment for the reservation.
We will make all payments with a certified bank check.
We will issue a certified bank check for the amount in your favor. When you receive the check, you deposit it with your bank so that your bank will clear the check and credit your account with the said amount.
Kindly provide me with the below information so that we will issue the check to you.
1)Your company name as it will appear on the check
2)Your full mailing address where the courier will send the check
3)Direct telephone / Fax numbers
When we receive your data,we will issue out and dispatch a check payment for the full amount in your favor,it will be dispatched to your location through a courier service. I hope our stay in your hotel will be made comfortable? I wait for your urgent response.
Have a wonderful day.

We obviously don't want to disappoint Mr Cole, so we responded immediately with the following letter of acceptance (with caveats):

Dear Williams,

Many thanks for your prompt response! To answer your questions:

1) Hotel The Daily Banter
2) 1234567 Internet Drive, Tashkent City, Uzebekhistan, 100123
3) Telephone number: 404-698-2904 (more info on that here)

As stated before, we would first need a cash deposit of $64,000. We understand that this is a significant sum of money, so could you please take a photograph of yourself with the money so that we know you have it? We would very much appreciate the show of good faith!

Best wishes, and we look forward to your arrival!
The Management at Hotel The Daily Banter

We'll let you know when we hear back....