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Junk Mail: Email Scammer Wants a Ride From the Airport

Unfazed by the fact that we've asked an email scammer to send money to a fictional hotel in Uzbekistan, demanded a $64,000 cash deposit, and asked for a photo of himself with the money, he continues to correspond with us and now wants to be picked up from the airport.
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We're getting an amazing insight into the world of internet email scamming with a back and forth with 'Williams Cole'. Completely unfazed by the fact that we've asked him to send money to a fictional hotel in Uzbekistan, demanded a $64,000 cash deposit, and asked for a photo of himself with the money, Williams continues to correspond with us ignoring details and sticking to script no matter how silly it gets.

This week, Williams sent us the following email, claiming he's sent us money (in an amount we didn't ask for) and asking for a pick up at the airport:


Thanks for your email and I'm glad to notify you that the check of 7,000 euro has been issued and dispatched to your postal address which you provided to us. This amount is for our trip to  your accommodation which covers our accommodation, meals and other logistics arrangement for this trip.

Once you are in receipt of the check, you are required to deposit it in your bank for the check to  be cleared and be credited to your account, all the bank charges on the check will be deducted from the money.

Please kindly confirm if you can pick us from airport.

You can always reach me via my direct number is +447901304245


We're still trying to figure out exactly what the scam is, so figured it was worth stringing it out until it becomes clear. Here's our response:

Dear Williams,

We received the check for 7,000 euros in the mail! Thank you for sending it out so quickly.

Unfortunately, we were unable to deposit the money as our bank declined it (officials in Uzbekistan are annoyingly cautious about foreign checks!).

As you'll not from our previous email, we also require a deposit of $64,000 in cash, so we'd be willing to forgo the 7000 euros if you could send a confirmation photo with yourself and the money. Could also make sure you were only wearing pink underwear and a bowler hat in the photo? Just so we know it is definitely you. There are many terrible email scammers out there who prey on the goodness of honest peoples like ourselves. Of course we don't mean to imply that you are involved in such un-Christian activities, but we would like to be sure!

Of course we'd be willing to pick you up from the airport. What type of vehicle would be appropriate for a man of your stature? We were thinking of the following classic:


I'm sure you'll agree that we roll in style at Hotel The Daily Banter!

We look forward to seeing you here in Uzbekistan!


Hotel The Daily Banter

Correction: We misspelled Uzbekistan. The piece has been corrected (although obviously not in the email we sent...)