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Gawker Readers Don't Like Arianna Huffington

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There is much to like and dislike about Arianna Huffington.  She's been a huge force in revolutionizing content online, she's been (recently) a powerful voice for the Left, and she as hired a lot of journalists (a damn good thing if you are one). On the other hand, she's a known social climber, doesn't compensate any of her bloggers, and is apparently a little bit crazy.

Anyhow, I don't know enough about her to have a solid opinion one way or the other (although I have a few friends who work there and seem to think she's pretty cool), but it appears Gawker and their hordes of snark loving readers do. In the rag's latest hit on Huffington, Gawker re-posted a New York Post piece on the blog empress apparently 'trashing' the $27,000/month New York apartment she was renting. In typical Gawker fashion, the headline highlighted the most disgusting elements of the story:

Arianna Huffington Sued for Allegedly Trashing $27,000-a-Month Apartment, Leaving Behind ‘Bloodied Mattresses’

Not very nice, but nothing compared to this lovely piece they ran a couple of years ago (based on completely anonymous 'tip offs'):

Does Arianna Huffington Talk on the Phone While Pooping?

Anyhow, Huffington has denied the apartment story completely, stating to the Daily Intelligencer:

"Every single claim in this suit is false except the square footage and the address. Eric Steel, who happily renewed the lease twice and visited the apartment multiple times, is holding onto $93,000 dollars in deposits, which he has refused to return. He is obviously trying to extort more money from me by making ludicrous claims to the NY Post. It won't work."

In a time when most people are struggling to pay their bills, have pretty shitty job prospects and are generally sick to death of having rich people shoved in their faces every time they switch on the television, it is understandable that stories like this whip up a fair bit of anger and resentment. But leave it to Gawker readers to really put the boot in. Here are a selection of some of the comments left on the apartment story. Not pleasant to say the least:

She's such a ridiculous person I am surprised the South Park guys haven't centered a plot line around mocking her. She's the Wal-mart of liberal ideas where the solution to many problems is to give rich people more money and power over our lives like turning over our schools to corporations so our children can have Sprint level education to letting Wall Street play with our money again as long as her money is properly secured. She's as real as tomatoes spliced with fish DNA, she's as real as a reality show: a narcissistic need for importance, respect, and domination that can turn ugly when the bubble bursts. To quote an episode of Seinfeld, "She would've made a great Nazi." I don't think she'd support genocide, but she really wouldn't risk her $27,000 a month apartments (I am certain she has at least two to four residences) to declare the genocide an atrocity that would get her black listed and her wealth confiscated. She'd just follow the orders all the way to the solar powered ovens. Because if she's going to have to participate iin the genocide of a people she's going to at least do tt with as small as possible carbon footprint.ObservingUPoor old Wall street hooker Scarianna P. Whoreington.EvilQueen2013Fuck HER! Huffington Post doesn't pay most of its writers.Furtive GlancePlease keep this in fucking mind next time you think it's no big deal that this insufferable cunt makes that rent money by NOT paying the people who work to create the majority of her site's posts.octothorp
It wasn't her blood; it simply aggregated there.

And on it goes. I get being pissed off at rich people, particularly right now. But seriously - isn't this a bit much?