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British Conservative Politician Says He Could Live on $80 a Week

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British work and pensions secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, who earns the equivalent of $2436.96 (£1,600) a week after tax as a cabinet minister, believes he could live of $80 (£53) a week - the amount some people are forced to survive on in the UK. From the Guardian:

Defending the vast array of welfare reforms being introduced this week as part of its deficit reduction programme, Duncan Smith was asked on BBC Radio 4 whether, following an example of a market trader David Bennett, he could survive on £53 a week — the amount Bennett claimed he was left with to live on and roughly equivalent to the lowest rate of jobseeker's allowance given to adults under 25.

"If I had to I would", Duncan Smith replied. His claim prompted an online petition calling on him to prove it that chalked up 25,000 signatures in its first day.

Given Duncan Smith spends around $30.46 (£20) a week on travel, it's quite hard to see how he'd make it work....