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Run, Anthony, Run!

Anthony Weiner is considering running to be the next New York City's mayor and I am all for it.  The former Congressman and ardent liberal should run.  You probably remember a few years ago he was pushed from Congress for tweeting his privates. Well, that was the official reason. Personally, I think if he had more friends up on the Hill, he would have had more defenders -- to quote his brother, Jason, he had a certain "douchiness" that is apparently absent now.

Weiner had a way of getting under people's skin -- and I mean members of his own party who weren't thrilled with his abrasive style and penchant for grabbing attention. His congressional tenure included a fierce liberalism and a take no prisoners approach.  If those two things aren't included in the NYC mayor's job description, they should be.  He would bring a tenacity to the job that is much needed in the city that never sleeps.  Plus, he has served his time in the political wilderness, it's time to return him to public life and the public discourse.  I wrote this piece at the time -- calling for him to NOT resign.

Hell, if Mark Sanford can have a political rebirth, so can Weiner.

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