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The Daily Banter Weekly Wrap Up!

Where else can you find articles about celebrity diets, Facebook, oil spills, gay marriage, alt-rock emo bands, and Bill O'Reilly? Right here, of course.
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In case you missed it here's what we covered at The Daily Banter this week.

Ben Cohen covered celebrity trainers and diets; he compiled the best of Roger Ebert; the introduction of anti-drone hoodies; and Pat Robertson's astonishing remarks about African Americans.

Oliver Willis wrote about Facebook's shark-jumping announcement; and he covered Mark Sanford's return to politics.

Alyson Chadwick looked ahead to the 2016 election; and she wrote about Google's April Fools' Day prank.

Chez Pazienza covered the feud between Sam Harris and Glenn Greenwald; the new Chris Hayes show on MSNBC; the so-called persecution of Christians; and he wrote a farewell to My Chemical Romance.

I covered Bill O'Reilly's flirtation with secularism; the Arkansas oil spill; and the last stand of the anti-marriage equality zealots.

Have a great weekend!

Bob Cesca,
Managing Editor

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