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I Am All In for 2016.


No, this never happened.

As I have been saying for, well, I don't even know how long, Hillary Clinton is running for president.  She's been running since she was like six years old.  Sorry, Joe Biden, I know you have also been running as long but as great a VP as you are, she's Hillary.

To get a sense of how much this means to people, a friend told me recently that she really likes President Obama.  She likes that he looks different from all that preceded him (I do, too) but he's still a guy.  She wants to see a woman at the helm and so do I. To Sarah Palin's credit, she did what people criticize women for doing not doing -- when called, she "leaned in."  Granted, I would not vote for her for anything -- I am not sure the position of "dog catcher" is an elected official but I would not vote for her for that if she ever was to run.

So, who's going against her?  Let's look at the field and think about this.

Chris Christie: We all love how he dealt with Hurricane Sandy and the leadership he showed.  He is unbelievably popular -- a pretty cool feat for a Republican governor in New Jersey.  Now, it makes me sad that he called out the Jersey Shore cast for not being from the state (Pauly D, for instance, is from Rhode Island - Rhode Island!) but how will a reasonable and perceived moderate from a northeast state fare?  Ask Mitt Romney, though only pieces of paper have less charisma than Romney.  Just don't see it working in states like Iowa, though if we could top caring so much what they think, I am all for it (note: I LOVE Iowa but they should not pick the president and their track record on picking GOP winners sucks right now, though they did win the 2008 election for Obama...)

Marco Rubio:  He's got the youth and the interesting narrative but will he keep it?  He seemed to abandon his key issue (immigration reform) at CPAC this year.  So, if it won't fly there, where will it?  Sure, Florida and maybe he will make inroads in Texas and California -- and seriously if Cali turns red, all of us Dems need to turn in our membership cards because we are done.  He's in and he should be watched.

Rand Paul:  What's a POTUS race without a member of that family in it? A whole lot saner but he's in.  I supported his filibuster (about drones not the one he's planning on gun control, that's nut job territory but remember, his dad said FEMA is out to take your guns tell that to Hurricane Sandy victims). Look to the states he dad won in 2012, he'll get those.  That number was zero.

Ted Cruz:  He claims Sarah Palin is why he was elected.  He and I have the same chance of winning the GOP nomination.

Paul Ryan:  Best chance of anyone.  He's unpopular now but don't count him out.  I live near the intersection of Wisconsin and Massachusetts Avenues -- I joke about that and the 2012 election and when people don't get it, I think they are idiots.  I also call this the intersection between reality and what some people think is reality.  The reality about Ryan is that he is smart (or people think he is), articulate, attractive and young.  I dunno if he can beat Hillary but think he can appeal to the right wing without scaring everyone else.  It's early and my opinion may change but if I had to put money on anyone it would be him.

Here's a joke video I made a few years ago: