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New Poll Shows 98 Percent of Americans Do Not Want to Be Killed with a Gun

Catherine Hubbard

Catherine Hubbard. She was six. Looking at her is like looking into a photo of me at that age.

Yep, a new poll came out showing 98 percent of Americans would rather not be murdered with a gun.  Gallup reported something they have never seen before -- 100 percent of Americans want their children to be safe at school.  No one surveyed said they want their children to be butchered at school, not one.  And this was the largest poll ever taken, nearly 30 million people responded.

Ok, you got me.  No such poll exists but I would bet any amount of money that if those questions were part of a poll, those are the responses you would get.  The only reason I say 98 percent of people don't want to be shot because we have a lot of suicidal people and they might not mind being shot.

Real polls show 85 perent of gun owner support universal background checks.  About 90 percent of the entire population supports them as well.  Who does't support them?  Wayne "I used to support background checks but now the NRA makes a crap load of money pandering to gun manufacturers" LaPierre.  He's gotten five senators to promise to filibuster any gun control measures.  They claim they are just interested in protecting Americans' constitutional rights, guess they missed the Heller vs. DC decision in which super liberal conservative Supreme Court justiceAntonin Scalia affirmed the right the government has to do background checks and limit what kinds of guns you can buy.

cheddar and hobbes

Cheddar Jameson and Hobbes Durden.

In December, 20 children were butchered by a man who shot off more than 15o bullets in less than five minutes.  Two days before I had a personal tragedy.  My favorite cat ever -- and I know, I sound like crazy cat lady but he was the best cat ever.  Well he died the Wednesday before the shooting.  You are wondering what this has to do with anything.  I understand and agree with you.  I don't handle death well.  I just don't.  When I am on the bus and we go by the animal hospital where he died, I cry.  My grief was a mere drop in the ocean compared to what the parents and families of the Sandy Hook victims are going through.  My point is that we need to make sure we hear their grief and do something.    And I feel douchie for mentioning my cat's death but the proximity of the two events links them in my head.

Emilie Alice Parker

Emilie Alice Parker, six when she was murdered.

The Second Amendment is important.  It exists to protect us from a tyrannical government.  It is not there to let us butcher children at school.  Just in the last day I have read about two more shootings of a district attorney and his wife outside of Dallas and a four year old somewhere else.  Maybe I am alone but I would like to go more than 15 minutes without reading about Americans killing other Americans with guns.

If I am not alone in that, please call 202-225-3121 and tell your reps to grow a pair and do the right thing.  If for no other reason, so we don't have to look at photos like the one on the right and think about the awesome life she could have lived.  In December 2012, 2o children aged six and seven were mowed down by a crazy person.  Three months later, the political will to change or strengthen gun laws seems to have evaporated.  What's up with that?   How many children have to die for us to do something?  And if you need an AR 15 to shoot a deer, you suck at hunting.  If you live in a crack gang neighborhood as described by Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) seems to, I am sorry and wish you well but the murders I read about are not against these drug addled gangs but regular people brutally murdering innocents.  I love our Constitution but I am 100 percent sure, this is NOT what they were thinking about protecting when they wrote the Bill of Rights.

I cannot even look at the photos of the Sandy Hook victims without crying, if you can do it, look at this.