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What Will the New Pope Think of the Ryan Budget?

It seems fitting that Congressman Paul Ryan released his budget around the same time a new pope is being announced in Rome.  Will this new head of the Catholic Church have an opinion?  Last year US Catholics made their position on Ryan's budget clear; "US Catholics responded by criticizing the plan "for cutting food stamps and other assistance programs for the poor...In a letter sent to the House Agriculture Committee on Monday, the bishops say the budget fails to meet certain “moral criteria” by disproportionately cutting programs that “serve poor and vulnerable people.”

A second letter sent Tuesday to the Ways and Means Committee criticizes a provision that makes it more difficult for illegal immigrants to claim child tax credits. The bishops called the credit “one of the most effective antipoverty programs in our nation.”

Seeing this  year's budget is more draconian than last year's, I would be willing to bet, they're not going to like this year's version any more than last year's.

From this.

Update:  I may have the letters the Bishops wrote on the Ryan budget.  Will post when/if I get them.

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