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What Your Facebook Activity Says About You

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Facebook: Be careful what you Like 

In a mass study into 58,000 Facebook users in the US, researchers apparently found that highly personal characteristics can be accurately inferred from information on your public profile. Or in Facebook terms, what you click 'Like' on. The researchers were able to discern Facebook user's 'Race, IQ, sexuality, substance use, personality or political views' simply by tracking their activity on their personal page.

Here are some of the things people clicked 'Like' on that revealed highly sensitive personality traits:

High IQ

The Godfather

Lord of the Rings

The Daily Show

Low IQ

Harley Davidson

I Love Being A Mom

Tyler Perry

Emotional stability – neurotic


Dot Dot Curve

So So Happy

Emotional stability – calm and relaxed

Business administration


Getting Money

Homosexual males

Wicked the Musical

No H8 Campaign

Human Rights Campaign

Homosexual Females

Not Being Pregnant

The L Word

Sometimes I Just Lay In Bed and Think About Life

Parents separated at 21

I'm Sorry I Love You

Never Apologize For What You Feel

It's Like Saying Sorry For Being Real

When Ur Single, All U See Is Happy Couples N Wen Ur In A Relationship All U See Is Happy Singles

Parents did not separate at 21

Apples To Apples: The Helen Keller Card

Gene Wilder

Making Dirty Innuendos Out Of Perfectly Innocent Things