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The Daily Banter Profiled in 'InTheCapital'

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We just had a very nice profile piece done about us at 'InTheCapital'. Here's the bit I like best (mostly because it's about my amazing sense of style):

When I first walked up to shake Ben Cohen’s hand, he didn’t quite fit my expectations of what the voice behind The Daily Banter‘s biting tongue-in-cheek wit would look like. First of all, he greeted me with a thick British accent which instantly raised questions as to how a guy from across the pond could possibly whip up such critical and engaging articles on a political system that wasn’t native to his own country of origin. There was also the fact he deviated far from the expected norms of a Washington politico. Ben wasn’t draped in the typical fare of D.C.-bourgeois suit aesthetics that you see most hill lackeys wearing; rather he was dressed in fitting slacks, a pair of trainers, and a button-down jacket combo that gave the impression of comfort without the sacrifice of taste. These surprising undertones set the theme of what our conversation would be like for the next hour as Ben gave me an intimate look of how he became an emerging voice of D.C. political raillery.

Anyhow, it was very flattering, and hopefully a sign we're getting big!