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Glenn Beck Commenters Really, Really Need Help

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Glenn Beck: Has some very strange readers

Every once in a while, I check in to one of my guilty pleasures:, a hilarious site that catalogs the amazing madness of people who read Glenn Beck's site 'The Blaze'. The guys at 'BurntheBlaze' simply take screen shots of commenters and post them on their blog. And it's seriously funny. And  also very, very disturbing.

Here's what they found when looking through an article about a Democratic strategist telling Sean Hannity that arming women with guns isn't the solution for preventing rape.

First, there's this bit of thoughtful insight:


Then there's this piece of wisdom:


'JoeSlick', obviously a ladies man provides the following in depth analysis:


And my personal favorite, from 'BoHump':


We monitor comments pretty closely here at the Banter, and if there was anything like this on the site, we'd take it down immediately and probably report them to our comment system providers. But we don't have that problem because our readers are generally sane....