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Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh, My!

You may or may not have heard that Dave Agema (Republican National Committeeman - ps please Google that and be


I swear, every time I think I cannot love Tim Gunn more, he makes me find a way. Make it work, Tim! Make it work!

shocked by his "Dave Agema Obama Hitler" thing that pops up, how random is that?) recently made some homophobic comments on his Facebook which referenced this craziness.  According to him, most homosexuals are all about promoting their "filthy lifestyle."

According to Agema, gays are the cause of all sorts of problems, including murder.  The stat that caught my eye was his assertion -- or rather his agreement with the assertion -- that more than 50 percent of murders in big cities are perpetrated by homosexuals.

Anyone who knows me knows I know a lot about a few things.  I dare you to ask me a question about serial killers, for instance, that I cannot answer.  One thing you may notice about serial killers is most are male, white and -- wait for it -- straight.  Ted BundyGary Ridgeway (Green River Killer -- he called killing his "profession" and said it was hard for him to get rid of the bodies because there were just too darn many) and the first American serial killer -- Dr. HH Holmes (movie starring Leo DiCaprio is slated to come out next year), all killed many people and none were gay.  No, that does not mean there are no gay killers but as a rule, if you are basing someone's propensity to commit murder on their sexual orientation, you are barking up the wrong tree.

Also, Mr. Agema, I am neither an elected official or bigot and I still have more Facebook friends than you.  Suck on that, GOP. (3,751 him, 4,221 me.)

Does your party still think you don't need a rebrand?

I want to end this differently but their ridiculousness is at a point where I just don't know how to top it.

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