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If This is "Success," How does the GOP Define Failure? Winning Elections?

Wow.  That's all I can say about House Speaker John Boehner's assessment of how his party is faring these days.  No entitlement reform.  A fragile House majority that only exists because of gerrymandering -- read this piece from Business Week on their lack of a mandate.  Oh, and their lineup at CPAC included -- and I am sorry for bringing this up every five minutes, Sarah PalinDonald Trump and Mitt Romney.  You can read more of Boehner's opinion here.

Thanks, again, to redistricting, Boehner will most likely hold on to his "top dog" status in the House but while at least 60 percent of Americans support marriage equality, 60 percent of GOP primary voters remain opposed.  Even as the news out of Newtown, Connecticut seems to do the impossible -- get worse, with new evidence showing that Adam Lanza fired more than 150 bullets in less than five minutes, the political will to deal with gun violence has been evaporating.  This is something I lay squarely at the feet of the GOP.  Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) asked Attorney General Eric Holder if Holder could ever envision an instance where an AR-15 would be more effective than a handgun.  The example he raised was that if he had to protect his family from a gang on drugs, he would prefer to have his AR-15 at his side.  Keep in mind, even Wayne LaPierre supported universal background checks once and now 85 percent of gun owners support them as well.  (Read the CNN timeline of events here.  They have recordings of the 911 calls made that morning but I haven't had the heart to listen.)

So when Boehner talks about how he and his party have had a "few good months,"  I have to wonder how he defines that.  Is it passage of a budget that does nothing to reduce the debt or deficit but cuts programs to our most vulnerable citizens?  Is it blocking common sense gun control measures?  Is it using the Constitution, a document written to protect individuals from their government to restrict those same individuals' rights to marry?

If anyone can point to one positive thing to come out of the House of Representatives since he took the helm, I will be happy to review it but from where I sit, no such animal exists.

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