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The Daily Banter Mail Bag! DOMA! Matt Lauer! Ashley Judd!


Welcome to this week's edition of The Daily Banter Mailbag! Today, Bob, Ben and Chez discuss DOMA, Matt Lauer and Ashley Judd!

The questions:

1) It was a big week for marriage equality and gay rights. I think eventually there will be gay marriage on a national level but what do you think the Supreme Court's going to decide on Prop 8 and DOMA?
-- John C.

Chez: I can't really comment with any kind of authority but from what I've seen it looks like DOMA is going down while Prop 8 may have an easier time. Either way, yeah, ultimately it's not going to matter much because there's going to be coast-to-coast gay marriage and likely very soon. It's fun watching the opponents of marriage equality lose their minds because they know it's true, too.

Bob: DOMA will be overturned, if not by the Supreme Court (and they will), Congress and the president will scrap it with a repeal law. The time has come. As Daniel Day-Lewis said in Lincoln, "Now, now, now!"

Ben: I'm not one to make predictions on court decisions. I thought they'd find OJ Simpson guilty, and I definitely didn't see the supreme court holding up Obamacare either, so I'm staying out of this one. Of course I hope to God DOMA is repealed and Prop 8 goes down, but who knows. If at least one gets repealed, it will serve as another major victory in the battle for equality.

2) There's a rumor going around that NBC ran the interview with Jerry Sandusky knowing it was going to be a disaster and they purposely gave it to Matt Lauer because they're trying to sink him. Is there any possible truth to this?
-- Kelly

Bob: I hadn't heard this rumor, but nothing shocks me about NBC any more. In fact, this is mild compared to some of the awfulness I've witnessed at TV networks.

Ben: I'll defer to Chez on that one given he actually worked there. All I know is that it was a fucking horrendous decision and whoever made it should be fired and forced to sell cutlery on QVC for eternity. Could it have been a plot to get rid of Matt Lauer? I don't actually know who Matt Lauer is because I rarely ever watch the corporate news media. It would be funny in a kind of morbid, completely immoral way if it was though.

Chez: I actually heard that and as conspiratorial as it sounds at this point I'm willing to believe anything. When NBC went with Sandusky interview, shot by a biased hack like John Ziegler, I was honestly shocked, and I didn't think anything NBC or the Today show did anymore could shock me. I just kept trying to imagine a bunch of people sitting around in a meeting discussing it, spelling out the details and agreeing that it sounded like a great idea, WITHOUT someone standing up and shouting, "Are you people a bunch of fucking mental patients? You're not really serious about this." That's how insane going with that interview was. It's common knowledge that while NBC may not be ready to force Lauer out the door they're definitely looking over his shoulder whenever they hug him. It's not very far-fetched, knowing what NBC's been capable of in the past, to imagine them figuring out a Machiavellian way to ruin him so they have a better excuse to let him go.

3) What's up with Ashley Judd's face?
-- DR

Chez: She's still gorgeous but she definitely looks like she's had some not-so-stellar work done. If her cheeks are any indication, she appears to be eating Wynonna.

Bob: I have no idea. She looks great to me. The more important question is: what's up with Mitch McConnell's face? He looks like a shapeshifter from Deep Space Nine or one of those weird urchin creatures that live in total darkness at the bottom of the Marianas Trench.

Ben: I heard that Ashley Judd has suffered from depression, so the incessant commenting on her physical appearance can't be much fun for her. I still think she's a beautiful woman. I'll leave it at that.


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