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Oh, South Carolina, Won't You Ever Learn?

My mother has told me a joke she heard from someone when she went to South Carolina.  The SC resident and native told her, "South Carolina; too small to be its own country, too big to be a mental institution."  I have spent some time in the Palmetto State and like it a lot but you have to admit, they have a way -- at least with their politics -- of making themselves look more than a little loopy.

Yesterday was no exception.  Remember former SC Governor Mark Sanford (R)?  In 2009, he told his staff he was off to hike the Appalachian trail but in reality he had taken the state plane down to Argentina to see his mistress.  He made his situation a bit worse when he went on TV and called the woman his "soul mate."  His wife wasn't too happy about that claim so she left him and he ended up resigning.

Last night, Sanford's political comeback, in the form of a campaign for the state's first Congressional district, gained some steam as he received 37 percent of the vote in the GOP primary.  He will now face a run off election on April 2nd as soon as the state figures out who the runner up is.   The winner of the run off will face Stephen Colbert's sister, Elizabeth Colbert Busch.

My problem with Republicans who commit adultery is not the act itself, it s the hypocrisy of it.  My party isn't any more faithful to their wives than the GOP, we just don't wrap ourselves in a whole lot of clap trap about "family values."  And for the record, I worked for John Edwards (2003, 2004, 2007) and his exploits broke my heart so no, I don't think they are any better.  (I also don't think all SC politicians are bad - Senator Lindsay Graham has been remarkably rational, though I cannot say I think the same of former Senator Jim DeMint -- read his greatest hits of craziness here.)


Oh, SC. This was only four years ago.

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