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The Daily Banter Weekly Wrap Up!

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In case you missed it here's what we covered at The Daily Banter this week.

Ben Cohen noted the similarities between Fox News and; he covered the election of the new Pope; and he covered Bernard Hopkins' shocking boxing achievement.

I wrote about drone hysteria on the left; the capture of Bin Laden's son-in-law; and the most terrifying drone ever.

Chez Pazienza covered the Today show drama; he ripped the new (same) Paul Ryan budget; and he detailed MSNBC's extreme makeover.

Kojo Koram wrote about Ken Loach’s new film, The Spirit of 1945.

Alan Pyke covered the TV ads that think you're stupid; and he covered gender roles in video games.

Oliver Willis covered the Republican Party suicide.

And Alyson Chadwick wrote about Sarah Palin's new Christmas book; she covered the new Ryan budget; and she noted that the new Pope might be a bit different than the old Pope.

Have a great weekend!

Bob Cesca,
Managing Editor

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