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Mitt Romney Re-Emerges for Monumentally Stupid CPAC Speech

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Mitt Romney got one thing right when he took the stage at his first major appearance since losing the general election. "As someone who just lost the last election, I'm probably not in the best position to chart the course for the next one," he joked to the audience. He should have stopped there.

Romney went on to argue that for Conservatives to remain relevant, they needed to convince Americans that they needed to be 'strong' and had to invade more countries in order to prove to everyone that America was best:

"American leadership depends on a military so strong, so superior, that no one would think to engage it," said Romney. "Our military strength depends on an economy so strong that it can support such a military. And our economy depends on a people so strong, so educated, so resolute, so hard working, so inventive, and so devoted to their children's future, that other nations look at us with respect and admiration."

And that was it really. Other than a few references to entrepreneurship and how great Paul Ryan was, Romney's basic idea was for conservatives to stop being mean to each other (in reference to the banned Chris Christie, he said that the GOP needed to "hear from the governors from the blue and purple states, because those are the states we're going to have to win to be able to get back the Senate and the White House"), and keep on invading Middle Eastern countries.

If you were looking for one paragraph in his speech that summed up Romney's vision and policy proposals for conservatism going forward, this was it:

"We are a patriotic people," said Romney. "The heart of America is good. Our land is blessed by the hand of God; may we as a people always be worthy of His grace, and His protection."

Thanks Mitt. Good to know what we missed out on.

Video of the full speech below: