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But James O'Keefe is a Real Journalist

And I am, well, I cannot think of anything more ridiculous than considering James O'Keefe anything but a major douchebag so you


James O'Keefe -- the good news is we all know what he looks like so we can just walk the other way.

can just come up with the second part of that sentence yourself.

If you have forgotten who O'Keefe is -- good for you! I'll have what you're having -- he was eventually paid by infamous liberal hater the late Andrew Breitbart (my theory is his heart was broken by a liberal when he was young he asked a liberal out and they said "hell, no!" and he became the bitter shell of a man we got to know and watch with disgust/pity). He went around the country and filmed unsuspecting workers at Acorn and Acorn Housing and then edited the video to look much worse than it was. O'Keefe had an accomplice, Hannah Giles. She claimed to be a prostitute. He claimed to be her boyfriend (he was dressed in khakis when he made the tapes, in an outfit from a 70s era pimp in the finished videos). The duo met their match when they filmed Jose Carlos Vera, who called the police on the two after they left (they said they needed help smuggling under age girls into the country) and sued them later for taping him without his knowledge. Giles settled with Vera last summer but today a court just ordered O'Keefe to pay Vera $100,000 within 30 days.

Also, O'Keefe was arrested for tampering with Senator Mary Landrieu's (D-LA) office telephones and was caught trying to coax a CNN reporter on a "sex boat."  She was tipped off by one of O'Keefe's then-coworkers.  Read about that here.  He has also been accused of sexual harassment.  He has tried to take down teachers' unions and Planned Parenthood but hasn't been able to recreate the magis sauce that created the Acorn furor.  Maybe, we're just not that interested in his "undercover journalism."

PS.  Some polls show that approximately 49 percent of Republicans think Acorn, which has not existed since 2010, "stole" the 2012 election. Yes, you read that correctly.  I did NOT mean 2008 election, which they did not steal but at least they existed then.

What will become of independent journalism? Read more at Wonkette.

Update: (8 March 2013, 9:40 pm EDT) I removed several words from this piece because they could be viewed as homophobic (on my part) and I like to think that is something I am not.  Also, this blog is a place for me to express my thoughts on political matters and not how to endorse racism, sexism, homophobia or anything like that. If I offended anyone (other than James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles), I apologize.  I appreciate Christopher Foxx's comments pointing this out and welcome any other criticisms of this and anything else I write.  It was completely unintentional.

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