If It's Sunday, It's?

I love the Sunday talk shows.  LOVE them.  My favorites are Reliable Sourcesand The Chris Matthews Show.

A few side notes:  I spent a few months writing for the McLaughlin Group.  I was fired for basically laughing at McLaughlin during a morning meeting when he was serious about the ridiculous conspiracy theory around President Obama's birth place.  Literally, when McLaughlin explained his take on it -- down the details like the read birth certificate was under a third door in a desk at the grandmother's house.  How would anyone know a "detail" like that?  So I just said, That's the story you want to run with?  He explained that it was not his theory but he had heard the speculation.  Whatever, dude.  Talk about an odd duck.

Second tidbit -- when Tim Russert hosted Meet the Press (MTP), my cat -- Hobbes Durden would watch it. Seriously.  Every week.  Then David Gregory was put at the helm and Hobbes' viewing habits changed.  Personally, I think Gregory has grown into the role and does a decent job but when he first started, he was too snarky for the cat's tastes.

So what do you watch?

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