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Did you know there is an Association for the Prevention of Obesity in Pets?

cheddar and hobbes

Little Cheddar Jameson (on the right, he's the one who died) and Hobbes Durden, seen in a happier time. Cheddar cost me about $2,400. I loved him a lot but that's more than I spend on my own healthcare.

There is. And think about that for a minute. We care more about obesity in our pets than in our children.  Hang onto that idea a minute.

I was doing what I often do when I want to procrastinate; I look at cat videos on Buzz Feed.  That’s where I found this gem.  This video is about, and you guessed it, an overweight cat.  This particular cat swims once a week.

Yes.  She swims once a week.  One of my cats (Hobbes Durden, for the record, I have two -- not 20) is overweight.  He weighs about 20 lbs.  I have no idea how to put him on a diet. (ideas on that are always welcome).

Americans do spend a lot of money on our pets, more than we do on each other - and I am NOT, in ANY way critical of people who do this.  This article talks about the number of people who spend more money on their pets’ health care than they spend on their own.  I am SO that person.  My favorite cat ever died last month.  I would have paid almost anything to keep him alive (first vet bill was $1832 -- yes you read that correctly) and I really miss him but ... (and that’s more than two months of my rent, to put it in perspective)

Do we need tummy tucks for cats?  Do we need chemo for dogs who are terminal?  If those options sound scary to you, you and I agree.  And two people I know did just that.  One had her cat fixed, which often leads to a larger belly area so she got the cat a tummy tuck.  Another friend’s dog had cancer.  The vet suggested they NOT do chemo but they went ahead anyway.  His rationale was that it would not extend the dog’s life at all but would make him miserable in the interim.

My point, as if I didn't hit you all on the head with it enough, is that we should spend more money on human than animal health care.

Side note:  Nicole Ricthie once admitted to spending $10,000 every other month to get hair extensions for her and her dog.  Although I love my pets, I would understand it better if my daughter came home with an addiction to cocaine than that.

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