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Commenting Policy at The Daily Banter Update

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commenting policy

As the name 'Banter' would indicate, this site welcomes and encourages discourse. We love getting into it with our readers, and love reading through the insightful and provocative debate that occurs between commenters. It's what we want the site to be about and our new commenting system helps facilitate that. We put out a message to our readers a month or so ago with some guidelines for commenting, and broadly speaking everything has worked out well. We've kicked off and banned the trolls and have become a lot stricter about abusive behavior. We're seeing intelligent, lively debate on 99% of our articles. But having said that, there are some commenters (not naming names) who regularly engage in lengthy debates that often border on the abusive. While all our readers can flag other people's comments if they are abusive, these commenters are now flagging each other's comments in order to get people they disagree with kicked off the site. This is not cool. We're monitoring the situation carefully and are removing comments that don't abide by our community rules. As a reminder, here are the rules:

1. Please be civil. Don’t harass anyone, threaten, or use foul/offensive language when addressing fellow commenters. Anyone doing this will be blocked immediately. 

2. No multiple identities. Please use one, and one only when engaging in discussion. 

3. Keep it relevant. While discussions obviously go off track, please don’t use the forum to discuss private issues. Anyone trolling will be blocked and banned from posting on the site. 

4. Please do not post irrelevant material or links in the commenting section. 

5. Please help us moderate discussion. Flag anything you believe to be inappropriate and someone here at The Daily Banter will review the comment and commenter. 

Again, we take the commenting section on the site very seriously - it's a space for everyone to participate in, and we won't allow individual  readers  to fill it up with nonsense. If it's not relevant to the topic, the comments will be removed. And if offenders keep repeating their behavior, they will be banned from commenting on the site. We don't mind bad language or provocative debate, but if it's directed at another commenter with the explicit intention of offending/upsetting them, we will remove the comment threads to make way for people who want to talk about the article itself.

Thanks, and happy commenting!

Banter Management