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bob cesca

Bob Cesca and myself have been toiling away in dark corners of the blogosphere for many years now, quietly learning our trade and amassing audiences of disgruntled readers sick to death of the nonsense they see on their television screens. I don't mind admitting that Bob has had a lot more success than me, single handedly building his huge audience through his site, podcast and twitter account, whereas I had a good deal of help building The Daily Banter (Bob of course being a huge part of that too).

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So it is with great pride that we can announce that Bob has brought his site over to be hosted on The Daily Banter. For Bob's readers, nothing will change whatsoever - it's still Bob's blog with the layout pretty much exactly intact beneath our logo and scrolling article feed. For The Daily Banter, it means a lot more. Bob coming over dramatically increases our reach and helps us in our goal to become a serious force in the news-media-o-sphere (a term I hope everyone starts using).

Bob is also taking over as the Managing Editor of the site going forward, adding to the long list of duties he performs that includes daily opinion pieces, running his blog, doing a podcast, and getting in to fights with Republicans in the commenting section. I'm still unsure of how he does it all while maintaining such exceptional quality and originality, opening up the distinct possibility that Bob is in fact, part robot.

Anyway, it's big news for us and I'm very excited to have Bob so closely involved in our journey going forward.