Obama Will Keep His Government Hands Off Your Medicare Eligibility Age


The Daily Banter Headline Grab (from the The Hill):

Although the White House has endorsed that idea before, White House press secretary Jay Carney unequivocally took it off the table during his daily briefing Monday.

It's not altogether surprising — Democrats firmly backed away from the Medicare change during the last round of budget negotiations, and congressional Republicans didn't push especially hard. But by backing away from its own proposal on the Medicare age, the White House is eliminating one option to save more than $100 billion over the next decade, and probably more over the longer term (because the change would gradually phased in more than 10 years).

Shielding entitlements from cuts is clearly a high priority for Obama's second term — the State of the Union should offer more specifics, but remember that Obama used the bigger-picture inauguration speech to fire a shot across the GOP's bow on Medicare and Medicaid, saying he wouldn't abide steep cuts that would undermine the programs' promise to seniors and the poor.