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Comment of the Day: Trump Still has no Proof his Father is not an Orangutan

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donald trump

A reader comments on the release of Donald Trump's birth certificate:

What would the birth certificate prove? Trump's REPEATEDLY called for Obama to *prove* he's really a citizen despite the birth certificate. Trump doesn't get logic any more than he does humor. By proffering his own birth certificate as proof, he's inadvertently undermined his own claims that Obama's isn't legit.

Also. Just because Trump's mama had sex with an orangutan doesn't mean anything regarding the birth certificate. All it proves is A) Trump's daddy was easily duped or B) Trump's daddy didn't want to admit he wasn't man enough to get his wife pregnant; in either case, he was willing to acknowledge paternity for the birth certificate.

I'm still trying to figure the logic here as there are a lot of double negatives, but it made me laugh.