The Madness of Glenn Beck Commenters


A reader sent us a link to this excellent site: Burntheblaze.com - a site dedicated to building a historic record of mind blowing comments left on Glenn Beck's website Theblaze.com. The site explains:

"As a project in accountability, this site catalogs many of the "unique" comments found on conservative pundit Glenn Beck's website, theblaze.com. The result, in the aggregate, is an insightful distillation of the thought processes which sustain right-wing politics and policies. Anonymous comments are honest comments. Take an aspirin now, because you'll be slapping your forehead in no time."

Some of the comments really are "unique". Take these from an article about an 11 year old transgendered girl who felt the President could have spoken more in his inauguration speech for people of her sex. First is a user whose avatar is a monkey with a banana and 'Obama in 08' written across the bottom of it:

glenn beck comment

Then there's this piece of brilliant psychology:

beck comment 2

I'll be checking in at burntheblaze.com regularly. I haven't seen such a concentrated collection of madness since getting into it with the 9/11 truth movement. Great fun.