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Whoops, Sorry about the 'Impeach Obama' Post...

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This isn't something I usually do - I just took down a post I wrote on a petition to impeach Obama. A friend had emailed asking me what I thought about a now closed left-wing petition calling for Obama's impeachment for war crimes that he had found (and there are many). I wrote a post about it saying it was a complete waste of time, and I lost the page while writing about it. I googled it again and pulled up a completely different petition on the White House website (clearly created by hardcore conservatives), and took a screenshot of that (which is actually a duplicate of another petition created that the White House has responded to). So, I didn't notice that the original petition was actually closed and irrelevant anyway, and didn't check the new page I opened before taking a screen shot of it. Luckily, I always check posts half an hour after putting them up as a matter of habit and realized my stupidity. I took it down because, well, it's pretty embarrassing. My excuse? It's Friday evening people..... sorry.....