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Reminder on Commenting at The Daily Banter

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I'll make this quick. We've spent many hours over the last couple of days going through several comment threads assessing the tone and nature of debate, and have had to delete many submissions that violate our commenting policy. The comments were off topic, consisted of personal attacks, and had absolutely nothing to do with the articles they were posted on. Again, please only leave comments that are related to the topic at hand, and do not respond to anyone saying anything silly. Just leave them and we'll quickly remove their posts if they violate our terms.

Generally speaking, the comments have been very positive and constructive after we implemented the new system, and we have definitely lost the serious offenders plaguing our The Daily Banter over the past few weeks. So that's good. Anyhow, I'm going to re-print our commenting rules again to remind our readers what is and isn't acceptable:

1. Please be civil. Don't harass anyone, threaten, or use foul/offensive language when addressing fellow commenters. Anyone doing this will be blocked immediately. 

2. No multiple identities. Please use one, and one only when engaging in discussion. 

3. Keep it relevant. While discussions obviously go off track, please don't use the forum to discuss private issues. Anyone trolling will be blocked and banned from posting on the site. 

4. Please do not post irrelevant material or links in the commenting section. 

5. Please help us moderate discussion. Flag anything you believe to be inappropriate and someone here at The Daily Banter will review the comment and commenter.