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New Commenting Policy at The Daily Banter

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In response to the serious trolling and spam we've been subjected to at The Daily Banter and multiple requests from readers, we're changing our commenting system and policy going forward. At the bottom of each article posted, you can sign into our new commenting system (the brilliantly easy to use 'Disqus') and join in the conversation. With Disqus, you can sign in with your twitter/facebook account, or simply enter your email and create a user name and get commenting straight away. Disqus makes it much easier for us and our readers to monitor comments - you can flag offensive comments easily and we can review them to make sure they aren't coming from trolls or spammers.

The general rules for commenting on articles are as follows:

1. Please be civil. Don't harass anyone, threaten, or use foul/offensive language when addressing fellow commenters. Anyone doing this will be blocked immediately. 

2. No multiple identities. Please use one, and one only when engaging in discussion. 

3. Keep it relevant. While discussions obviously go off track, please don't use the forum to discuss private issues. Anyone trolling will be blocked and banned from posting on the site. 

4. Please do not post irrelevant material or links in the commenting section. 

5. Please help us moderate discussion. Flag anything you believe to be inappropriate and someone here at The Daily Banter will review the comment and commenter. 

That's pretty much it. We'd like The Daily Banter to be a safe space for discussion, and we'll be keeping and eye on chat threads going forward to make sure everyone is respectful and engaging in civilized debate.

Please email us at should you have any questions.


Ben (Editor in Chief)