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Gun Nut Alex Jones Forgets the Constitution While Lecturing Piers Morgan on the Constitution

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alex jones

alex jones

I finally sat down to watch the epic Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan battle on CNN, mostly to see whether Jones really was a crazy as everyone in the blogosphere claimed he was (there's a penchant for hyping these types of confrontations online to generate traffic). Well, it seemed the hype was right - Jones almost gave himself an aneurysm on live television, expressing so much white, repressed middle-aged anger that you almost expected him to pull a gun from his jacket and shoot the bewildered Morgan.

Jones spent much of the time insulting Morgan for being British, calling him a 'foreigner and a redcoat' . He took exceptional offense to Morgan's comparison of the gun related homicide numbers in Britain and America (over 11,000 in America compared to 35 in Britain). Jones claimed that the UK was controlled by teenage gangs and overridden with violent crime, while ignoring Morgan's pleas to answer his questions. "England had lower gun crime rate because you took all the guns," shouted Jones. "But you have hoards of people burning down cities and beating old women's brains out out everyday." Jones got so angry he even offered to fight Morgan back stage where he would wear "red, white, and blue" and Morgan could wear his "Jolly Roger," (an emblem used by pirates in the 17th century).

The whole thing was ridiculous, and Jones hung himself while Morgan sat back and calmly handed him the rope.

Perhaps the silliest thing about the interview was Jone's lecturing on the Second Amendment. "The Second Amendment isn't there for duck hunting," said Jones. "It's there to protect us from tyrannical government and street thugs."

Jones, who orchestrated a petition to remove Morgan from the United States for airing his belief that America should ban assault rifles, seemed to have forgotten the First Amendment - the right to freedom of speech.

Given Jones collected over 25,000 signatures on his petition, the White Houses was obligated to respond. Brilliantly, Jay Carney published the following statement on the White House website:

Screen shot 2013-01-10 at 9.36.19 AM

Sadly, the irony will probably be lost on Jones.