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After Being Shamed by Chris Christie, House Republicans to Vote on Hurricane Sandy Relief Tomorrow



The Daily Banter Headline Grab. From Yahoo! News:

After a late-night decision from House Republicans to delay a vote to provide billions of dollars in relief to states hardest hit by Superstorm Sandy, House Speaker John Boehner on Wednesday attempted to tamp down a backlash, telling colleagues he would bring up one part of the aid package to a vote at the end of the week. New Jersey and New York Republicans said Wednesday afternoon that Boehner promised them he will vote on a $10 billion extension for the government's flood insurance fund—set to run out next week—on Friday.

The speaker said he will bring the other $51 billion in aid to a vote January 15.

Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, a Republican, blasted Boehner earlier on Wednesday for not putting the bill up to a vote. Christie warned Boehner and the Republican House majority that they would feel the wrath of outspoken New Jersey and New York politicians.

New York "Gov. [Andrew] Cuomo and I are not wallflowers. We are not shrinking violets," Christie said. He called the delay in aid "callous" and an act of putting politics over what's best for the victims of a major storm trying to rebuild.

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