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Religious Right Environment 'Expert': "Not Using Fossil Fuels Is An Insult To God"

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Discussing the existence of God and quoting the bible is generally a harmless thing to do (if it isn't rammed down children's throats and taught as absolute fact), but using religious scripture to dismiss hard scientific evidence that burning fossil fuels is directly responsible for global warming is a different thing all together.

According to Calvin Beisner of the Cornwall Alliance, and Bryan Fischer of "Focal Point", not only is global warming a complete hoax, but not using fossil fuels is "An insult to God". Both men agree that God has buried fossil fuels, or "treasures" as Fischer describes them, because he "loves to see us find them". Despite the fact that fossil fuels are  rapidly depleting, non-renewable, and environmentally catastrophic when burned for energy, because Beisner and Fischer can use them to cheaply heat their barbeques, it must be ordained by God. This nonsense actually passes for serious intellectual debate for millions of Americans, and it should frighten the life out of everyone else.

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