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Fox News Takes Karl Rove and Dick Morris off the Air

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Karl Rove: Out

It seems even Fox News is becoming concerned with reality - at least for now, that is:

Karl Rove's familiar 2012 presence on Fox News appears to be coming to a halt.

New York Magazine reports that President Roger Ailes is limiting Rove and fellow contributor Dick Morris' presences for the time being. A Fox News representative affirmed the situation to NYMag, adding that programming chief Bill Shine conveyed "the election's over."

Rove turned heads with an Election-night meltdown on Fox News, where he questioned the network's "premature" decision to call Ohio and, subsequently, the race for President Barack Obama. Fox News Executive Vice President of News Editorial Michael Clemente told the Associated Press the morning after that Rove's argument proved his value.

The following day, Rove appeared on Fox News, charging that Obama's victory was a product of the president's ability to suppress the vote.

Dick Morris, a supposed sage in the industry, predicted a lop sided victory for Romney, making about the millionth bogus political forecast in his charmed career and finally drawing ire from his employer.

The pair of them did their best to convince viewers during the election of a make believe world where Republicans were way ahead of the game and Obama a lame duck President waiting to cede office to its rightful, rich white heir. And now reality has set in, there doesn't seem to be much point in them. This doesn't mean much - Fox News is still a propaganda arm of the Republican Party, but it does indicate that the Right is becoming increasingly concerned with being wrong all the time. The memory of Karl Rove having a serious meltdown on election night when it became clear Obama was going to take Ohio is a powerful one. Rove had not only spent millions of dollars of his rich friend's money on the election, but had spent weeks telling everyone it was a sure bet. His refusal to accept reality was amazing to watch, and it looks like Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch have finally decided that he is no longer an asset to Republican interests.

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