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The NRA Said What?!

While this is a blog devoted to the courts in this country and the people who make up  the courts in this country -- as well as how the law reflects and refracts itself within the context of that -- I hope you'll forgive me for continuing the conversation on guns and posting about the NRA debacle that just went down.

The NRA just wrapped up a "press conference," wherein Wayne LaPierre said -- and I quote --

Politicians pass laws for Gun-Free School Zones. They issue press releases bragging about them. They post signs advertising them.

And in so doing, they tell every insane killer in America that schools are their safest place to inflict maximum mayhem with minimum risk.


There exists in this country a callous, corrupt and corrupting shadow industry that sells, and sows, violence against its own people.

Through vicious, violent video games with names like Bulletstorm, Grand Theft Auto, Mortal Kombat and Splatterhouse. And here's one: it's called Kindergarten Killers. It's been online for 10 years. How come my research department could find it and all of yours either couldn't or didn't want anyone to know you had found it?


With all the foreign aid, with all the money in the federal budget, we can't afford to put a police officer in every school?

The internet -- in reply -- said this --