America, Read Newton Massacre Victim Jack Pinto's Letter from his Best Bud, and Don't Forget it


Read this letter from John to his best pal Jack Pinto, one of the 20 dead children from SandyHook elementary school in Newtown Connecticut. Read it and never forget what happened. Do not allow the NRA, Second Amendment nuts, or Right wing hacks to tell you nothing can, or should be done to get assault rifles off America's streets.

John's heartfelt letter:


You are my best friend.
We had fun together.
I will miss you.
I will talk to you in my prayers.
I love you Jack.


Jack and John had a lifetime of fun and adventure ahead of them - camping trips, baseball games, graduation, college, girls and maybe one day marriage and families. John will hopefully get to do all of the above, but he'll do them without Jack. Because Jack was murdered with a Bushmaster .223 assault rifle.