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The Daily Banter Weekly Wrap-up

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In case you missed it here's what we covered at The Daily Banter this week.

Ben Cohen urged an end to the ridiculous War on Christmas. He also detailed how to prove a libertarian wrong, he asked the president to do what voters asked him to do, and he covered the dangerous effects of marijuana usage.

I wondered why Mark Halperin gets to write the final draft of electoral history. I also covered Ted Nugent's recent tweets about Bob Costas and gun violence, and the silly plan to raise the Medicare eligibility age.

Chez Pazienza wondered what Jeff Zucker will do with CNN, he wrote about the latest mass shooting in Oregon, and he defended Zero Dark Thirty from criticism regarding scenes of torture.

Oliver Willis dissected the new Superman trailer, the loss of a classic Republican argument, and the GOP's 'stuck pig' problem.

And new Banter blogger Evan Fleischer wrote about marriage equality and the Supreme Court, and a ruling about the water in Santa Maria, California.

Have a great weekend!

Bob Cesca,
Interim Editor

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