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Remember What You Were Elected to do, Mr President

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US President Barack Obama pauses during

After seeing signs that Obama may be about to sell liberals down the river, Michael Tomasky asks the President to remember who voted for him when negotiating on entitlement reform:

Obama faces enormous establishment pressure to consummate a deal—from Wall Street, from much of the mainstream media, etc. I’m more willing than most liberals to concede that he has to take that pressure seriously. But he might also keep in mind that two thirds of the public, including a hefty majority of Republicans, opposes going to 67. And he might also remember his voters. The market might not care much about lower-income senior citizens, but he was elected to do just that.

I do understand Tomasky's point that Obama could end up shafting seniors and the poor in a deal with the Republicans, but I don't see how he avoids doing at least some damage to the most vulnerable if he wants to get anything passed. It's not an excuse, but there are political realities that us pundits and commentators will never fully comprehend. I'm waiting to see what deal (if any emerges) before passing judgment, but it is important the Left keep the pressure up to ensure he negotiates hard.