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5 Stupid Predictions by Dick Morris

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Dick Morris: Never right

If anyone could legitimately tell me what purpose Dick Morris serves, I'd gladly turn The Daily Banter into a propaganda wing of the Republican Party and join Dick in the fight against evil socialism in America. Apparently, Morris is a political pollster, consultant, and media pundit, but given he has been spectacularly wrong about, well, everything related to politics, it's hard to see why anyone would hire him. But no matter how badly Dick screws up, he's always there reeling off predictions and giving his analysis on the latest political issue of the day. In Dick's world, Republicans will always win and Democrats will always lose, and Barack Obama is always moments away from resigning from his Presidency.

It seems there are limits to how wrong you can be, and Morris, having pushed them to the very end has finally felt the consequences of not getting anything right. Fox News got tired of his limitless wrongness and took him off the air along with his partner in crime, fellow propagandist Karl Rove.

The last straw was probably Morris's prediction that Mitt Romney would 'Win by a landslide' in the general election, a prediction that was not only incorrect, but completely the opposite of what happened. Morris explained in a blog post that he was a 'pollster, not a meteorologist!', and he was wrong because Hurricane Sandy saved the President from the previously inevitable Dick Morris backed proposition that 'there is no chance Obama will get re-elected'. Wrote Morris:

There was no good national polling after Sandy struck. Gallup, for example, suspended its polling. At the last minute, it put together a national sample — with lots of disclaimers about the dangers of inaccuracies due to the difficulty of sampling storm-hit areas — and it showed a slight Romney lead.

Romney was, in fact, leading before Sandy and that his chances blew away in the storm with its famous bipartisan photo of Governor Chris Christie with Obama. And there was no way to measure the impact of Sandy since there could not logistically be any polling. Why was I wrong? I’m a pollster, not a meteorologist!

Never mind the fact that the Obama team had long sewn up the electoral college by running one of the most sophisticated campaigns in history, and unleashed an incredibly powerful 'get out the vote' ground game on election day that made Romney's campaign look like a Communist run shopping mall.

But none of that bothers Dick, and he is still hammering away on his blog, no doubt analyzing the political landscape and envisioning dream match ups he could write books about (Morris brilliantly predicted Hillary Clinton would face off against Condoleeza Rice in 2008, and even wrote a book about it).

It is with a heavy heart though, that I write this, as covering Dick's failed predictions in the mainstream media has been great fun, and I won't be checking in on his blog all that much (running this one takes up most of my time anyway), so I thought I'd compile a list of Dick's best work.

Here are the 5 dumbest predictions Dick Morris has made in recent times, most of them pertaining to the Republican's chances of knocking Obama off his perch - a fact Dick was absolutely certain about.

1. Donald Trump will run for President and could beat Obama. Said Morris on The Mike Gallagher Show:

"Oh I am. I am. I take him very seriously. I think he's going to run, I think he's got a good shot at the nomination, and I think if he were nominated, he could beat Obama".

Reality: Trump didn't run for President.

2. Michele Bachmann will wing Iowa. Said Morris on Fox News:

 "Bachmann Is Probably Going To Win"

Reality: Michele Bachmann came 6th in Iowa.

3. Obama won't run for re-election. Wrote Morris on The Hill:

The kind of enthusiasm Obama kindled in 2008 cannot be ignited easily by negative appeals. Particularly if the Republicans nominate a more moderate candidate such as Mitt Romney, Obama will not be able to rely on partisan animosity to succeed where job approval has failed. And, given all that, he might not even run.

Reality: President Obama did run for re-election.

4. Obama has no chance of getting re-elected. Said Morris to Sean Hannity:

"There Is No Chance That Obama Will Get Re-elected.....Zilch, none, zip, nada"

Reality: President Obama was re-elected.

5. Romney will beat Obama by a landslide. Said Morris on Fox News Sunday:

"Romney will win by a very large margin - a landslide if you will."

Reality: President Obama beat Romney by a very large margin, particularly in the electoral college. A landslide if you will.

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