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Shopping Madness Descends Upon America

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Immediately after celebrating Thanks Giving - a time when friendship, family and remembrance of all the good things we have in life, Americans have adopted a new practice of gorging themselves on flat screen televisions, clothes and every other consumer product you could imagine in a particularly obnoxious tradition called 'Black Friday'. Stores around the nation slash prices and encourage people to buy, buy, buy, leading to a frenzy where people literally kill each other in order to get the time limited special deals.

This year guns have been pulled, gang fights broken out and the standard trampede - all in the name of getting cheap underwear or a new Nintendo.

I say this pretty much every year, but it is depressing beyond belief that so many people would get so excited about buying stuff they don't need. Look, I'm all for getting the odd piece of fancy gadgetry (I have a weakness for iPhones) or some nice clothes once in a while, but seriously - pulling a gun on someone because they cut in line? Trampling people to death in order to get to the discount refrigerator section in time? Wow. Not a great sign for the future of humanity.

OK, rant over. Stepping off soap box now.