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Quote of the Day: Ignoring Israel's Occupation Ignores Reality

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The Huff Post's Ahmed Shihab-Eldin decries the framing of the Israeli assault on Gaza that paints Palestinians as aggressors:

To ignore the role of Israel's occupation of Gaza is to ignore the fundamental fact needed to frame the latest escalation in reality rather than rhetoric and propaganda.

To do otherwise flagrantly falsifies the reality of the ongoing humanitarian crisis on the ground in Gaza.

The reality is complicated; mired in corruption, haunted by division, but ultimately a product of obscene oppression. So obscene that many, namely Israel and the U.S., would rather pretend it simply was not true -- not real -- but it is.

It remains mystifying to me that anyone could expect Palestinians to live in cantonized ghettos, be subjected to racial profiling, have their land routinely stolen and invaded and expect them not to retaliate. Yet much of the media seems to tow the Israeli line that they are somehow the victims of Palestinian aggression.

Of course the targeting of civilians by Hamas is despicable - innocent Israelis are killed and this can never be justified. The Palestinians have also done much to undermine their own cause, resorting to violence and terror that has yielded nothing in return. But the history is clear - one side is occupying another and subjecting it to conditions it would never accept itself, and it is reaping acts of terror as a result of it. To ignore this is not only to ignore reality but morality.

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