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Jon Stewart Rips into Republican Strategy for Raising Revenue

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This really is Jon Stewart at his best. Responding to the Right's call for the poor to pay more taxes, Stewart calculates the net worth of the 50% of Americans who pay no tax at all (they own around $1.45 trillion, or 2.5% of the nation's wealth), then asks what taking half of their wealth away  would do. The answer is of course around $700 billion - the same amount of money that would be generated if the Bush tax cuts were allowed to expire - and the same amount Republicans have been saying won't make any difference to the deficit:

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It's depressing to hear people describe those dependent on government as 'moochers' or 'parasites' given the entire nation is dependent on government in one form or another. Wall St wiped out 40% of the nations wealth with its shady practices, then took it back from the tax payer. Giant corporations routinely seek government protection and bailouts when market conditions don't favor their businesses, and the rich have been given trillions in tax breaks over the past 30 years. The issue isn't government supporting people for Republicans, it's government supporting poor people, those least able to defend themselves from smear campaigns to portray them as leeches on society. Fox News doesn't go after rich welfare junkies, it goes after single mothers and minorities trying to subsidize their atrociously low job earnings with what is left of the welfare state. In the playground we'd call this bullying. At Fox News, it's called reporting.

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