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John McCain's Business Ties to Iran

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John McCain

This is probably not the best line of attack from the Republicans on Susan Rice. From Buzzfeed:

Republicans aimed criticism at U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice Thursday for having modest stakes in companies that did business with Iran. And while the revelation has driven new questions and fodder for those opposing her nomination as secretary of state, one of Rice's most vocal critics, Senator John McCain, maintains investments in two of the same companies -- ENI and Royal Dutch Shell --through funds revealed in his financial disclosures.

McCain holds stock holds between $1,000-$15,000 in the JPMorgan International Value Fund through his spouse, according to his 2011 financial disclosure form. 3.6% of the fund is currently invested in Royal Dutch Shell, the dutch oil company which owes Iran more than $1 billion in oil payments.

It is amazing Republicans are still trying to derail Rice's path to Secretary of State, and this latest attack is almost as ridiculous as the Benghazi debacle. Given the Republicans sat quietly while Bush and Cheney directly pressured the CIA to doctor information it presented the public in regards to Iraq, and did nothing when it was revealed they ignored specific warnings about attacks previous to 9/11, their new found horror at Susan Rice's innocent relaying of a faulty CIA report is an insult to the public's intelligence. The latest tack is equally hypocritical and pointless, but they're obviously banking on hurling so much mud on Rice that something will stick.

It's unlikely that any of this will work as President Obama has forcefully defended Rice at every opportunity and will probably spend some of his Presidential election victory capital on ensuring her pathway to the position. So it's really venom for venom's sake, and it's not making the Republicans look good. The public will see this as the merciless hounding of a black women by lots of angry white conservatives, and probably rightly so.

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