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Astonishingly, Romney Thought he was Going to Win up untill the Last Minute

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The scale of Right wing delusion in the face of overwhelming evidence that Barack Obama was going to win the election reached right up to the highest levels of the GOP. Apparently, Romney genuinely believed he was going to win right up until the last minute. From the Guardian:

New details emerged revealing that his Republican opponent Mitt Romney had been confident of victory right up until the first voting figures came through on election night. A source inside his camp said that at planning meeting after planning meeting he had been assured of victory.

Not only had Romney planned an $25,000 fireworks display in Boston Harbour to mark his win but he had written only a victory speech, the reason his concession speech had been so brief. In a sign of how confident he had been, he had established a 200-strong transition team paving the way for the shift to the White House that even on election day was hiring more staff.

Embarrassingly, Romney's team allowed his pre-planned 'President elect' website to go live for a few moments:

The Republicans are going to have to take a very long, hard look at themselves if they want to avoid this type of electoral humiliation again. Getting it so badly wrong was not, as many of them are now claiming, a result of Hurricane Sandy or voter suppression (a new Karl Rove fantasy theory). It was the result of running a hapless candidate who lied relentlessly about himself, his policies and his record, then believing in their own numbers and rhetoric from blowhards like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Romney's belief that he was going to win was not based in reality, much like his belief that he could grow the economy without spending money. Romney felt that he was entitled to win because of who he was - a rich white man from a powerful political family, just as he believed he could cut taxes and create revenue at the same time. Romney dealt in fantasy, while Obama dealt in reality. And the latter finally won out.

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